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Nucleus Innovate Program: When Power Consumption Counts in IoT

Ineda-logoWe’re seeing an explosion around portable devices in the market. From consumer gadgets to medical devices to industrial instruments, battery operated, handheld and wearable devices are penetrating many sectors of the market. While these new class of devices tend to be more compact compared to prior generations, they offer a great deal of connectivity and functionality packed into these smaller and more portable devices.

The highly skilled team at Ineda Systems has created a very unique and innovative approach to their wearable processor unit (WPU) called Dhanush targeting the wearable market. The Dhanush family of processors operates at low frequencies from 10 MHz up to 500 MHz. There are currently four devices in the Dhanush line up: Nano, Micro, Optima and Advanced. The Dhanush WPU leverages the ultra-low-power features available in their MIPS based architecture. The Ineda WPU technology offers a unique blend of hardware and software that produces minimal power consumption and extended battery life for their customers.

Ineda selected the Nucleus RTOS because of several key features given their small footprint and stingy power consumption requirements. Nucleus is a scalable RTOS kernel enabling customers to minimize footprint down to just 3KB in a minimal configuration. The Nucleus Power Management Framework offers best-in-class services to compliment hardware power management features. The Ineda software developers were able to quickly take advantage of the multiple power features built into their family Dhanush WPUs by coding to the Nucleus Power Management Framework APIs.


We are very excited for the team at Ineda Systems and look forward to their success! F or more information about Ineda Systems and their Dhanush family of wearable processors, please visit:

The Nucleus Innovate Program was specifically created for small companies, startups and entrepreneurs. Qualified companies get access to the popular Nucleus RTOS and Sourcery CodeBench IDE tools for free. To find out if your company qualifies for a free license, you can complete the short Qualification Form at the Nucleus Innovate Program site:

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