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One in a Million

Mars One, a non-profit company based in the Netherlands, is offering the public a chance to travel to Mars one way—and, presumably, to take part in the first human settlement on the Red Planet. Would you make Mars your home?

Competition is steep, to the surprise of more than a few military and aerospace (mil/aero) geeks. In fact, tens of thousands of Earthlings have already volunteered for the one-way trip to Mars.

Mars One officials haven’t released details as to the total number of applicants or demographics; this mil/aero geek is intrigued and anxious to find out even some general information about the pool of people. What is the age range? What types of professions, level of education, and so on? In the meantime, it’s at least fun to ponder who among us have thrown their hat in the ring.

Mars One officials have described the review process devised to whittle the field to between 28 and 40 candidates; and, they anticipate concluding the process and selecting finalists at some point during 2015. Upon learning that they have been selected, these would-be astronauts will embark upon a different kind of journey—during which they will train over a period of seven years. In the end, under the Mars One plan, only four people out of this large pool will travel to Mars on the first trip.

If all goes to plan, Mars One will continue transporting four people to Mars every two years. Much work must still be done here on Earth to make this trip a reality.

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