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Open-Source Linux Development for AMD Embedded Processors


As part of the Mentor Embedded team I’m excited to finally share that we’re partnering with AMD Embedded to provide open-source embedded Linux development for heterogeneous and multi-core processors from AMD. Last year in September AMD shared details about its embedded product roadmap; this provided a great deal of insight into the commitment and growing investment AMD is making into embedded systems and our team is glad to be partner with AMD in this endeavor. Please visit the Mentor Embedded Linux solutions page for AMD to stay informed about this partnership and be notified when software is available.

The embedded Linux solution for AMD will be Yocto Project™ compatible and include standardized features and tools including Board Support Packages (BSPs) for AMD 64-bit x86 architectures beginning with the upcoming AMD Embedded G-Series system-on-a-chip (SoC) (codenamed: “Steppe Eagle”) and AMD Embedded R-Series APU/CPU (codenamed: “Bald Eagle”).

“Steppe Eagle” is designed for low-power embedded applications and is expected to offer increased performance-per-watt over the current AMD Embedded G-Series SoC, and to extend the high-end performance above 2 GHz. “Bald Eagle” is intended to be a next generation high-performance x86-based embedded processor available as both an APU and CPU featuring up to four new “Steamroller” CPU cores. The APU versions will the AMD Radeon™ Graphics Core Next GPU architecture and HSA enhancements for high-performance embedded applications.

As part of this partnership embedded developers will have free access to Mentor Embedded Linux Lite, a free Yocto based Linux solution for evaluation and prototyping for the upcoming AMD “Steppe Eagle” and “Bald Eagle” products. In addition, Sourcery CodeBench Lite GNU based C/C++ development and debug tool chain for custom Linux target platform development will be provided for free for both Windows and Linux host-based development. Each hardware platform has unique characteristics, based on the choice of peripheral devices surrounding the core CPU which can include GPU, UARTS, some combination of I2C, SD/MMC, DDR3 and other peripherals. Mentor Embedded will provide BSPs configured to take advantage of specific AMD processor features, using a commercial quality optimized 64-bit tool-chain and run-time libraries.

Overview of Mentor Embedded Linux
Overview of Mentor Embedded Linux

For customers looking for greater customization and project support, Mentor Embedded will also provide:

  • Commercial terms for Mentor Embedded Linux including bug fixes, security patches, and product updates,
  • GNU based Sourcery CodeBench development environment and data trace analysis and visualization capabilities
  • Customizability for unique project needs including custom BSP development, back porting and long term support.

I’m looking forward to the releases by AMD of both “Steppe Eagle” and “Bald Eagle” and also the role our team will play in providing an Embedded Linux Solution for these processors. To stay informed please sign up on our Mentor embedded Linux solutions page for AMD.

This blog post was originally written by Kamran Shah, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Director of Marketing.

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