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Please Join Us March 11th: Security and Performance Benefits of Automotive Virtualization

If you’re in the Silicon Valley next Tuesday, March 11th and interested in Automotive Virtualization please join us for an exciting event.  The Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source meetup group is hosting an event titled: “Security and Performance Benefits of Automotive Virtualization“.  A presentation will be given by Felix Baum who you may recognize as one of the authors of this blog – he’s written before about embedded virtualization on ARM for security, multi-OS virtualization, and the Mentor Embedded Hypervisor.  Here”s an abbreviated abstract:

The coming internet-connected vehicles present a daunting security and performance design problem. Safeguarding the automotive control systems from consumer-installed applications is critical for system integrity and risk management. These systems will generate massive amounts of data, some of it quite sensitive. The increasing value of this data makes cars a prime target for exploitation that can potentially compromise a vehicle’s operation.   To meet consumerization automotive trend, the latest embedded processors used in automotive devices, feature multiple cores with numerous connectivity options that can run a variety of RTOS’ alongside general purpose ones. Virtualization, especially in conjunction with a Hypervisor allows these devices to extend functionality and simplifies lifecycle maintenance. It helps manufacturers to deal with licensing and IP separation as well as software reuse.

It will cost you a whopping $3 to get in and as always the proceeds will benefit local automotive engineering education: the San Jose State University Formula SAE.

For more detail and to register, visit the event page: that page you can also learn more about or join this meetup group, which is organized by our own Alison Chaiken. See you next Tuesday.

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