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Pre-Silicon Linux Development with Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition and Vista Virtual Protoype

Imagine this scenario: Your custom hardware design is still being worked out by your hardware team. Early stage, pre-silicon design models are running in simulation. The software team has started their work using this hardware simulation and they’ve got Linux running on the simulated target and they are now debugging kernel, driver and application code. The software team helps exercise the hardware, helping to uncover hardware bugs early enough in the design process to save money and heartache. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition gives your software team familiar development tools, and used in combination with Vista Virtual Prototype, a powerful simulation platform, your software team can get started early and make the scenario I describe above a reality.

In this video we use Vista Virtual Prototype to boot Linux on an ARM Cortex-A9 based system that implements a specialized SuperFIFO device. We discuss and debug both the SuperFIFO kernel driver code and the application code using typical techniques including using breakpoints and inspecting the value of variables and registers.

The second part of the video focuses on Sourcery Analyzer, a powerful performance analysis tool. Vista Virtual Prototype generates simulated hardware power estimates during execution that are then imported into Sourcery Analyzer along with more the more traditional Linux Trace Toolkit trace data. Sourcery Analyzer uses the power data and Linux trace data to give developers the ability to explore hardware, kernel and application interaction and behavior. This video gives a brief overview Sourcery Analyzer features and operation in this context.

To learn more about Mentor Graphics’ suite of embedded software development tools see, including Sourcery CodeBench, Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition, Sourcery Analyzer and Vista Virtual Prototype see:

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