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Some examples of connected devices for the home at CES 2013

Kamran Shah

Kamran Shah

Posted Jan 15, 2013

This year was my first time attending CES. The first day was definitely a little overwhelming, with well over 100,000 people there the show is massive. We’ve been hearing about connected devices for a while and this show was no different. Smart TVs where being touted by most companies, there was a lot more phone and tablet connectivity to appliances. The biggest shock for me were the number of iphone and ipad accessory oriented booths. I couldn’t seem to go down an aisle without running into one. Oh and there were tablets of all shapes and sized from pretty much everybody. But enough about that. Here are a few of the demos I thought showed some intelligence but mainly just more connectivity that we should all be seeing in stores soon if not already.

LG showed a few things off. I’m guessing others had similar demos but LG was the first one I came across so my excitement level and willingness to take a video was much higher. The video below shows integration with an android phone and a TV. This demo shows controlling and getting TV content onto the phone, I didn’t manage to record the demo that went the other way where you could swipe and mirror your phone content and information onto your TV. It sounds simple enough but I think it’s very useful. There are so many times at home I’m on my computer or tablet and want to show something to my wife, so then you angle it and both try and see … just swiping to push the info to a TV would be nice.

LG also had some other demos that showed connectivity to other appliances. One demo was remote diagnostic application for a washing machine, a great way to avoid calling a technician. The app reports the error code and possible issues, taking out at least one step in the fixing process.

LG Remote Diagnostics of Appliance

And then there was this oven from Samsung which automatically adjusts different cooking modes and temperatures based on recipes. Now if only they was something that would automate the prep work and put it in the oven for me. I did ask if the oven can be turned on remotely, let’s say when leaving work so the food is ready when we’re home … that feature isn’t available, guess there are some safety or liability issues to sort out :)

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