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Updating automotive software over the air in the field

At this weeks Telematics Update in Detroit our team will be showing a demonstration with our partner Arnyga of updating software for automotive infotainment systems over the air (OTA).


CarySync(TM) from Arynga and Automotive Technology Platform from Mentor Provide OTA Update Solution

There are many uses cases, some obvious and some a little more hidden, that OTA updates. Having purchased a car recently it still baffles me that even today updates to the maps in my 2014 model requires me to take my car into the dealer. My infotainment system is a glorified radio and a back up camera display as my phone still serves as my primary navigation device.

Along with this showcasing the OTA update demo, Pat Shelley from our team will be participating on a panel titled “Connected Car – Big Opportunity Or Headache?” along with others from Ford, Intel, and Visteon between 2:15 and 2:45pm on June 4th.Pat Shelly is a Solutions Architect and has been involved with embedded systems in the automotive industry for well over 25 years. His experience includes Powertrain Control Systems at Ford Motor Company, and Vehicle Stability Control Systems at TRW Automotive, and a wide variety of automotive Infotainment, Telematics and Instrument Cluster applications. If you’re at the show drop by our demo with the team from GENIVI and discuss your connected car and OTA update needs with Pat.

Infotainment, IVI, arynga, over the air, Telematics

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