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Using Sourcery Analyzer to trace Stella, the Nucleus Powered Self-Balancing Robot, and Detect Wheel Angle Bias

Stella, our Nucleus RTOS powered, self-balancing robot generates kernel and application level trace data which is then visualized using Sourcery Analyzer. Sourcery Analyzer is used to detect and explore wheel angle bias, and test the hypothesis that perhaps the corrective pulse width signals are causing the wheel angle bias. We also use the measurement tool to quantitatively characterize the worsening wheel angle bias.

Sourcery Analyzer Wheel Angle Bias Graph

Instead of relying on external tools, analysis pipelines and visualization workflows, Sourcery Analyzer is purpose built to allow embedded software developers to quickly and easily explore trace data and engage in further hypothesis testing in the familiar Eclipse based Sourcery CodeBench environment they used to develop the application.

Watch as we trace and explore Stella’s wheel angle bias issue:

If you would like to try Mentor Graphics’ embedded software platforms and development tools, visit our product evaluation pages:

Questions? Drop into the Sourcery Tools forum and ask.

ReadyStart, PID, robot, code instrumentation, stella, control systems, Trace, trace analysis, application layer, wheel angle bias, RTOS, inverted pendulum, software development, Nucleus, Sourcery Analyzer, Embedded

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