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Posts tagged with 'API'

19 Dec, 2011

The invisible RTOS continued

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls Last week I wrote about a test harness for applications using an RTOS. The idea was to have a library of functions corresponding to the API calls of a particular RTOS. Specific tasks of an application, that are under test, would be linked to this library to enable the code to be executed on a desktop computer in a useful way. I had some feedback on this posting from a couple of people, talking about … Read More

Debugging, API, RTOS, test harness, Nucleus

12 Dec, 2011

The invisible RTOS

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls

I was talking about OS-aware debuggers and someone asked me whether I could suggest a technique for unit testing of code for a multi-threaded application. It took me a while before I could fully understand what they were after, but it did become clear eventually. They were considering an environment where a number of engineers were working on an embedded application [using Nucleus]. Each guy was developing

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Nucleus, test harness, Debugging, RTOS, API

20 Jun, 2011

On the move

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls I recently talked about the process that might be applied to the selection of an embedded operating system and I hope that these guidelines are useful. I am currently working on a Web seminar on this topic, so I would welcome any input. However, developers tend to stick with a particular OS [or, at least, with a particular OS vendor] – recent research suggested that only about 20% of developers … Read More

Linux, API, RTOS, Nucleus

30 Nov, 2009

Blocking and non-blocking APIs

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls I recently received an email from a regular reader of this blog. I am always very happy to receive feedback, comments and suggestions. In this case, it was a suggestion for a topic to address, which was particularly welcome. The writer wanted me to talk about blocking and non-blocking APIs … At the heart of a real time operating system [RTOS] is the kernel, which is comprised of the task scheduler … Read More

Nucleus Kernel, RTOS, API, Nucleus


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