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Posts tagged with 'DESIGN West'

13 May, 2013

Embedded education

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls I am often asked – typically by young engineers and college students – how to learn about doing embedded software. It is a fair question. Although there are some good college courses around nowadays, they can still be hard to find. So, how do you acquire the specialist skills needed to develop software for embedded systems? … There are, of course, many possible ways to learn stuff: university/college learning … Read More

DESIGN West, DESIGN East, Embedded World

29 Apr, 2013

After Design West

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls Back from my travels, so a brief post painting with my impressions of last week’s event … Design West [which I guess should now be called something different, as Design East has gone - preferably go back to it being Embedded Systems Conference] consisted of the conference itself and the trade show alongside. The show part seems to have been getting smaller each year. Although I have not … Read More


18 Apr, 2013

Anil Khanna Nucleus, our flagship RTOS offering has been around for several years now. In this time, it has been designed into more than 3 billion embedded devices in various applications such as mobile, medical, consumer electronics, industrial and more! The phrase “been there done that” could not be more appropriate to Nucleus. Regardless, when it came time to design yet another cool demo, our engineers were … Read More

industrial, Nucleus, DESIGN West, RTOS, Zigbee

26 Mar, 2012

ESC imminent

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls Well, tomorrow is the big day. ESC San Jose 2012 [now part of DESIGN West] runs for 3 days and looks set to be an excellent show for anyone interested in embedded systems software or hardware. I recently outlined our plans for the Mentor Embedded booth, but we now have more details … Our booth is set to be a hive of activity, with a continuous program of technical briefings in the theater and … Read More

Nucleus, Embedded Systems Conference, DESIGN West, Linux, Yocto

19 Mar, 2012

Not the Embedded Systems Conference

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls Next week, the Embedded Systems Conference will take place in San Jose, California. Except that it has a new name: ESC is now part of DESIGN West, which is an aggregate of a number of conferences. Personally, I do not care for the new name, as the word “design” has a very broad meaning way beyond electronic systems. But I guess I will get used to it. The event will be interesting from many … Read More

Embedded Systems Conference, DESIGN West, Linux


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