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Posts tagged with 'device drivers'

11 Feb, 2013

Reentrant write-only ports

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls Recently I posted about the challenges of using a write only port. Then I followed that up with another posting that illustrated the use of C++ to encapsulate the necessary coding nastiness. Hopefully, these two postings conveyed the general ideas – defining the problem and outlining a solution. However, one aspect of the solution was not addressed: the proposed code was not reentrant … Reentrancy … Read More

device drivers, drivers, RTOS

28 Jan, 2013

Write-only ports in C++

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls I recently wrote about write-only ports and discussed how they worked and the challenges presented to software developers who need to program them. The solutions proposed were quite straightforward, but the challenge remained to ensure that all the code utilizing the ports complied with the requirements. I commented at the time that there are several ways to mandate the correct handing of write-only … Read More

device drivers, drivers

14 Nov, 2011

Device drivers on SMP systems

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls As I am on vacation, I thought that I would invite colleagues to provide a guest blog and Faheem Sheikh came up with the goods … Multicore embedded designs are becoming increasingly common – a topic that I have addressed before. This presents some new challenges to software developers. Faheem was talking to an existing user of our Nucleus RTOS, who is considering a multicore design and, … Read More

multi-core, device drivers, Nucleus SMP, SMP, Nucleus


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