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5 Sep, 2012

iPad apps

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls It has been quite a while since I last reviewed how I use my iPad and what apps are important to me. Earlier this year, I upgraded my original iPad [which I bought when they were first on the market in April 2010]. My old device was passed on to my 80 year old mother-in-law, who is very happy with it [as nobody has yet told her that it is a computer, so she is not afraid of it]. I rationalized my decision … Read More


9 Jan, 2012

Everything is wireless

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls When I was a kid, we had an example of the very latest high technology electronics in our kitchen: a transistor radio. This amazing device was light and portable, ran for ages on a set of batteries and would come to life instantly when switched on, offering a choice of sources of entertainment from around the world. I seem to recall that it used an incredible seven transistors to achieve this feat. … Read More

iPad, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee

4 Apr, 2011

Why does power matter?

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls In all aspects of life, the use of energy is an increasingly important matter. A domestic electricity bill is enough to get the attention of most householders and initiate thoughts about using more efficient equipment. Filling a car’s fuel tank is an eye-watering experience. Even in the US, where fuel is still quite cheap, the costs have risen drastically in percentage terms over the last decade. … Read More

iPad, Kindle, Low Power

17 Jan, 2011

Secret codes

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls I was recently parking my car and, as I bought the ticket, observed that the machine was manufactured by a company very close to where I used to live; I knew some people who worked there. I mused upon the idea that, if I were programming the machine, I might include a “back door” access mechanism which would enable me [or anyone knowing the correct button pressing sequence] to get a ticket … Read More

iPad, Konami Code


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