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Posts tagged with 'memory management unit'

6 Dec, 2010

More uses for an MMU

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls Some time ago, I wrote about the use of a memory management unit (MMU) for embedded applications and covered the basics of what such a device can do. Recent comment on that posting inspired me to think more about how an MMU may be used more creatively. The basic function of an MMU is to control a relationship between the addresses that a CPU uses to access specific memory areas and their actual physical … Read More

Linux, memory management unit, RTOS, MMU, Nucleus

17 May, 2010

Using an MMU

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls On a previous occasion, I talked about using an MMU [memory management unit] for a specific, slight esoteric purpose. I thought it might be interesting to consider its more conventional use. Also, it is worth remembering that some devices have no MMU support and many systems are built without one anyway. Having met some engineers recently, who could not conceive of the idea of no MMU, clarification … Read More

Nucleus Kernel, MMU, Nucleus, memory management unit, Linux


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