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Posts tagged with 'MEPL'

11 Mar, 2013

Getting sorted

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls I am always pleased when one of my colleagues volunteers to make a guest posting. Apart from the obvious benefit that I have less work to do, it does broaden the range of topics covered. A frequent guest blogger is Brooks Moses who always has something interesting to say. Today he is musing on sorting algorithms … In my last guest post, I alluded to an interesting story about the sort routine … Read More

LAPACK, Mentor Embedded Performance Library, Quicksort, sorting, MEPL, qsort

3 Apr, 2012

Colin Walls Another guest appearance this week. My colleague Faheem Sheikh is a member of the Mentor Embedded engineering team. He wanted to share his ideas about embedded software performance optimization … ‘Present’, ‘head’ and ‘court’ do not seem related at first sight. Do they? But these words have one attribute in common. They can take on multiple meanings depending … Read More



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