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23 Jan, 2012

Joining the embedded bandwagon

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls Often, when I talk to people about my line of work – once I have explained exactly what embedded systems are – they will comment that it must be a good line of business to be in. I would tend to agree. However, I would actually be agreeing that it is an interesting business, whereas my interlocutor is more likely to be thinking of the financial benefits. Of course, as embedded devices are … Read More

intel, Microsoft

5 Nov, 2010

J VanDomelen Android addicts are everywhere. Even those who didn’t anticipate using a larger number of apps on their smart phones are finding themselves downloading a new app almost daily. Google’s Android mobile operating system (OS) is making waves throughout the commercial market; and now, thanks to Raytheon engineers in Waltham, Mass., it is likely to change the face of the digital battlefield. Soldiers are … Read More

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