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Posts tagged with 'non-volatile memory'

12 Aug, 2013

Resistive RAM

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls It can be frustrating waiting for a critical technology to be ready for market. We see ever increasing power and complexity in embedded CPUs, but other vital system components seem to have stalled. Specifically, I am thinking about batteries and memory. I am still waiting for a great leap in battery performance – faster charging and larger capacity. My money is on graphene super-capacitors being … Read More

Memory, non-volatile memory, resistive RAM, RRAM

30 May, 2011

Memory signature follow-up

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls I recently posted some thoughts about handling non-volatile RAM - dealing with the recognition of memory that had not been initialized. I was very pleased to hear from a reader, Bert Böhne in the Netherlands, who has some experience in this matter: “In a current project we do the same. We have some non-volatile memory for settings. After each set of data we also defined one byte for a crc. When … Read More

Memory, non-volatile memory, NVRAM

16 May, 2011

Memory signature

Posted by Colin Walls

Colin Walls People often ask me questions about embedded software. Sometimes they are complex; other times they are simple. But frequently, the simplest ones are what leads to an interesting train of thought. The one that set my brain working recently was something like this: “I have some non-volatile memory in my design, which is used to retain specific parameters through power cycling. The first time the … Read More

Memory, non-volatile memory, NVRAM


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