Freescale i.MX Processors

The team at Mentor Graphics knows that developers need application specific software to get them up and running fast. We work directly with Freescale to determine what the typical developer needs to exploit the power of the i.MX architecture. We make it easy by providing off the shelf software targeting the peripherals found on the i.MX family of processors. Our cost effective, no-royalty Real-Time OS and development tools gives you a head start in meeting aggressive project schedules. Our team of kernel, network, security and connectivity experts provide the infrastructure that makes it easy for you to concentrate on your core capabilities: Getting a quality product to market, Fast! Our support is comprehensive and growing every day:

i.MXS i.MX21 i.MXL i.ML1

Performance starts at the hardware level. At Mentor Graphics, we don't sell you a Real-Time OS and development tools just to send you off to write your own drivers. Mentor develops all our hardware drivers in-house. We developed all our i.MX drivers to exploit all the capabilities the hardware offers. Our experts are just down the hall in the event you need assistance using them.

We offer expert off the shelf driver support for the following i.MX hardware:

LCD and Grafix Drivers

USB 2.0

Serial UART

USB 2.0 Classes: Standard


USB 2.0 Classes: Custom

Additional Freescale Processors:

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