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Nucleus RTOS Platform Solutions for Atmel

Atmel's SAM microcontrollers and CAP customizable microcontrollers, based on the industry-leading ARM 32-bit RISC architecture, provide the ideal mix of performance, connectivity, security, and power economy for today's deeply embedded connected systems. Built around the ARM7 and ARM9 processor cores, these MCUs feature a highly parallel internal AMBA bus architecture with distributed DMA and memory to achieve maximum data bandwidth.

Atmel Platform Solutions

Mentor's Nucleus RTOS Platform Solutions for Atmel: the Ideal Software solution to jumpstart your Atmel SMART ARM microcotroller-based embedded applications!

Mentor Graphics has been at the forefront of supporting Atmel ARM-based microcontrollers for many years with Nucleus RTOS and EDGE Developer Suite. Nucleus RTOS Platform Solutions take this support to a new level by implementing its compelling Nucleus UI technology with a pre-validated application. Re-targeting from one supported hardware platform to another becomes simple. In addition to supporting the latest feature-rich Atmel reference hardware, Nucleus RTOS Platform Solutions fully support an integrated EDGE SimTest environment to enable customers to easily run the same application on a virtual platform even before silicon is available. Therefore, Nucleus RTOS Platform Solutions for Atmel provide developers with a complete platform with which to start prototyping and building products straight away.

Atmel AT91SAM9RL64

The Atmel AT91SAM9RL64 is made for low power, high throughput applications such as in-car GPS devices, electronic medical devices, white goods and industrial automation devices.

Read more - download Nucleus RTOS Platform Solution for AT91SAM9RL64

Atmel AT91SAM9261

The Atmel AT91SAM9261 is geared towards low-power, high throughput wireless handheld applications, such as wireless PoS devices.

Read more - download Nucleus RTOS Platform Solution for AT91SAM9261

Atmel AT91SAM9263

The Atmel AT91SAM9263 is designed for low-power, high throughput wired and wireless devices, such as wireless GPS devices.

Read more - download Nucleus RTOS Platform Solution for AT91SAM9263

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