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Mentor Embedded Linux Lite for Avago Technologies ACP 3448V2 Processor

Download Mentor Embedded Linux Lite for the Avago Technologies ACP3448 V2 processor. The Axxia family is available in a range of pin-compatible configurations for a variety of networking applications including 3G/4G mobile access systems such as NodeB and eNodeB, mobile broadband Radio Network Controller (RNC) applications, and enterprise gateways. Combines up to four PowerPC® 476FP cores with up to 20 Gb/s of fast path throughput, regardless of packet size, system loading, or protocol.

Software Details

A key advantage of Mentor Embedded Linux is continuity of workflow. One way to experience this is through the no-cost download called Mentor Embedded Linux Lite, a derivative of Mentor’s commercial Mentor Embedded Linux product.

Mentor Embedded Linux Lite is available now as a no-cost download. This is not trial or “timed-out” software, so you are free to use it as long as you wish.

How to Get Started

Mentor Embedded Linux Lite provides all the essentials to evaluate Linux on Avago Technologies Axxia ACP3448 processors.

  • Latest Linux 3.1.0 kernel for the ACP3448 V2 CPU tested with Avago Technologies RTE.
  • Board Support Package with limited functionality
  • Mentor Embedded Linux installer
  • Source code for kernel and all target packages

To develop applications, rebuild target packages from source, and expose the full power of the CPU you will need to separately obtain:

To start your download, simply fill out the form and we’ll send you a confirmation email. You will be able to download Mentor Embedded Linux Lite immediately and start building your Linux-based device on Avago Technologies processors.

Versions Comparison

You may also want to consider the commercial version of Mentor Embedded Linux for Avago Technologies processors, offering developers a new approach to benefit from the vast world of open source software without the trade-offs associated with existing options.

With the commercial version of Mentor Embedded Linux, embedded developers now have a supported set of tools to create their own unique Linux platform.

The commercial version includes Mentor Embedded System Builder, a system integration tool that assists the user in assembling a software platform and development environment that meets specific product requirements straight out of the box. System Builder is a powerful command line tool to create Linux distributions in an automated and reproducible environment. System Builder leverages the OpenEmbedded project to provide a polished build environment to cross-compile and package software for a target device.

Learn more about Mentor Embedded Linux

Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.

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