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Mentor Embedded Performance Library Download for Freescale QorIQ T4240 AltiVec Engine

The Mentor Embedded Performance Library is available now for free download. In the file, you will receive both a 32-bit and 64-bit version of a low-level, High Performance Computing (HPC) library of advanced math and signal processing functions. And, they have been optimized for the latest version of the Freescale AltiVec QorIQ AMP processing engine. Software developers doing computationally intensive applications or algorithms will find this library invaluable for squeezing the most performance possible out of the high performance e6500-based QorIQ AMP series designs.

For a list of major functions provided in the Mentor Embedded Performance Library, click here to view the reference documentation. Aside from the popular general signal processing and image processing functions, you will see functions that have been optimized for the AltiVec processing engine that include 1D and 2D FFT functions, element-wise vector functions, reduction functions, real and complex conversion functions, linear algebra functions, FIR and IIR filter functions, 1D/2D convolution and correlation functions, and more.

Download Details

Who should download

Developers of high performance software for the AltiVec QorIQ Advanced Multiprocessing Processors (AMP), including radar image processing and target tracking, navigation systems, medical diagnostic imaging, video surveillance systems, printing and other computationally intensive embedded applications.

How to get it

Click the link above, fill out a short form, and you will receive an email with download instructions.

Download Free Library for QorIQ T4240 AMP Engine

  • Power platform with e6500 core

Reference Documentation

The reference manual includes the major functions provided in the Mentor Embedded Performance Library.

View Reference Manual

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