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Mentor Embedded Software Solution Overview and Demo



Business managers and software developers alike face a conundrum when building today’s intelligent embedded systems: How does one successfully develop and deliver an increasingly complex, connected, and consolidated product, while meeting the escalating business demands of security, cost, performance, and tight-market windows?

Complex and highly integrated SoCs and FPGAs are quickly becoming the norm these days as demands increase for more performance, improved security, and reliable connectivity options – with less power. Many options have emerged to address these demands and one of the most effective is embedded virtualization. What was once the sole domain of desktop and server environments has now become an accepted practice in the constrained space of embedded systems.

Today’s embedded devices are more connected than ever, increasing the concerns about reliability and security exposure. Virtualization technology using silicon capability, can address these security challenges by enabling strong isolation and containment of guest operating environments. Hypervisor functioning at the highest privilege level in a system and partitioning memory and devices can ensure that misbehaving applications, either un-intentional or malicious, cannot disrupt or corrupt other areas of the system.

What You Will Learn

  • Embedded market trends and how they affect software development
  • How to extract optimum performance from Multicore and MultiOS capable silicon
  • Visualize and optimize behavior and performance of multi-core systems
  • Investigate problems where interactive debuggers fall short

About the Presenter

Mentor Graphics

Technical sessions will be presented by Mentor Graphics' application engineers, product specialists, and market development experts.

Who Should Attend

  • Platform developers who are using or planning to use multi-core silicon for an embedded device, and are concerned about system security, partitioning and separation in the consolidated system.
  • Engineering managers responsible for successful development and delivery of an increasingly complex, connected, and consolidated product.
  • Project managers responsible for meeting the escalating business demands of security, cost, performance, and tight-market windows for their product lines.

Products Covered


Mentor Embedded Linux Overview
Nucleus RTOS Overview
Sourcery Analyzer Overview
Demo of Sourcery Analyzer
Nucleus RTOS on Zynq
Mentor Embedded Hypervisor Overview
Demo of Nucleus on Zynq
Demo of Hypervisor

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