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Consumer Electronics

From digital cameras to portable media players and tablets, the consumer electronics market is revolutionizing the way we communicate and share digital media. As the promise of digital convergence drives customer expectations for devices that "do it all at a reduced cost," device designers are forced to respond to challenges associated with reduced bill of materials (BOM), compelling user interfaces, integration efforts, and power consumption in increasingly complex systems.

Embedded Tools

Whether you use Android, Linux, Nucleus or a different OS, Mentor UI solutions can help you transform your product’s user interface so that it meets the increasing demands of today’s consumers and stands out from the crowd. No longer should animations, transitions or the many other UI effects required in today’s devices require an army of software developers and big investment to develop.

Many manufacturers are choosing Android for their consumer devices. However, using in Android outside of its intended handset market can be tricky without the right help. Mentor Graphics has a highly experienced team who have helped many manufacturers create fantastic products on Android and Linux.

Mentor Graphics provides a one-stop shop for the complete solution you need. With tools and the proven Nucleus Real Time OS, Mentor Graphics supplies the performance, features, and third-party ecosystem of pre-integrated software solutions necessary to bring feature-rich electronic devices to market quickly and easily.


Overcome Data Storage Challenges

As new peripherals are introduced to meet storage requirements, reliable software is needed to support these peripherals. With solutions for ISO 9660, FAT and Flash, Nucleus FILE provides a solid foundation for file management, supporting devices such as: USB, CDROM, IDE/ATA, floppy disk, PCMCIA, SD and SATA.

Make the Connection

Utilizing the Internet Protocol (IP), devices are bringing exciting new features and services to consumers. Nucleus Networking Services TCP/IP networking solutions are fully compliant and support IPv4/IPv6 addressing along with a plethora of Ethernet drivers and middleware.

Reduce Bill of Material (BOM) Cost

Experience economies of scale by lowering cost on your high-volume consumer devices. The Nucleus Real Time OS offers a full-featured, highly optimized solution (as low as 150kbytes) with a flexible licensing model.

Transfer Media Content

Whether transferring audio, video or photos, Nucleus USB is the answer for today’s connectivity and data transfer problems. Use Nucleus MTP along with your preferred DRM scheme to securely deliver media. Print directly from your device to your printer using Nucleus PictBridge.

Increase Performance

A reliable infrastructure is required to provide the interoperability, software integration and performance needed for digital home devices. Ensuring low latency and high-speed data throughput, the Nucleus Real Time OS is proven to meet these challenges.

Differentiate Your Interactive Program Guide

The UI is the face of any product and is mission critical to success. As broadband subscribers increase, providers are offering more interactive triple-play services (voice, video and data) for consumers. From the simplest user interface, to more complex windowing schemes, Nucleus UI Services, coupled with drivers for keyboard, keypad, mouse, touch panel and LCD, provide the solution necessary to create and differentiate user displays.

Products Utilized

Nucleus Real Time OS

  • Small footprint kernel (fully functional at 12 K)
  • Source code provided
  • Deployed in billions of devices per year

Nucleus Networking

  • TCP/UDP/IP networking stack
  • Support for IPv6
  • 802.11a/b/g
  • SSL, 802.11i

Nucleus USB

  • USB 2.0 (host and function) and hi-speed OTG certified by USB-IFUSB
  • Comprehensive class driver support
  • Mass Storage, Printer, Still Image, Communication, Video, Audio, and more

Nucleus Kernel Extensions

  • MMU for memory protection and security
  • DDL for dynamically adding features
  • POSIX, μiTRON support

Nucleus Storage & Database

  • ISO9660, FAT, and FLASH support
  • IDE, SD, PCMCIA, CompactFlash, SATA, USB
  • Optimized for multitasking systems

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