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Industrial Systems

Industrial systems typically have very long lifetimes – often spanning decades. Other embedded applications are typically in service for much shorter periods. This longevity brings with it many unique challenges, the most significant being embedded software lifecycle management. An industrial system and its embedded software need to have the flexibility to accommodate as-yet unknown requirements, while still being implemented to be secure and reliable. And, of course, costs (the bill of materials – BOM) need to be carefully controlled.

Embedded Tools

Nucleus Real Time OS is an embedded real time operating system which includes source code – this is essential for confidence in long term support. Nucleus Real Time OS (RTOS) provides services including networking, UI, USB and security protocols.

Mentor Embedded helps developers create rich UIs and address increasing expectations by enabling high performance graphics and UI solutions across both micro-controllers (MCU) and micro-processors.


Industrial-Specific Debugging Solutions

Engineers developing industrial systems often need customized debugging tools specific to the device that they are creating. These tools are typically not available out of the box or are extremely expensive, and offer more functionality than may be needed. The EDGE Debugger features codelets – an advanced scripting facility that allows you to access your device in ways that have never previously been possible with embedded debuggers. Codelets allow you to set breakpoints, read and write memory, modify registers, etc. – essentially utilizing any debugger functionality. Industrial examples of uses for codelets include fieldbus packet sniffers, discrete/analog device monitoring simulation, and graphical data logging/collection.

Reduced Bill of Material (BOM) costs

Industrial systems are becoming more complex and demand more memory, while older wiring may not be sufficient for higher data rates. Nucleus RTOS is a small footprint, scalable, and robust embedded operating system with advanced features for reduced BOM and optimal system performance. Nucleus Networking services, which include 802.11, CAN, and CANOpen, provide the foundation you need to design the most efficient solution for data transfer and wireless capability.

Improved User Interfaces Created Within Days

No longer are graphical user interfaces the sole domain of the consumer space, these advances in UI (including touch) are being used in industrial systems. Inflexion UI helps our customers make the UIs they need, and through the Inflexion UI Express drag & srop tool, these UIs can be created in a fraction of the time they would otherwise take.

Products Utilized

Nucleus Real Time OS

  • Small footprint kernel (fully functional at 12 K)
  • Source code provided
  • Deployed in billions of devices per year
  • Support for FPGAs

Nucleus Kernel Extensions

  • MMU for memory protection and security
  • DDL for dynamically adding features
  • POSIX support

Nucleus Networking

  • TCP/UDP/IP networking stack
  • Support for IPv6
  • 802.11a/b/g
  • SSL, 802.11i
  • Support for CAN and CANOpen
  • Ethernet drivers available for OTS interface controllers
  • Remote access via HTTP server (Web server)
  • Multiple levels of security and encryption

Nucleus Storage & Database

  • ISO9660, FAT, and FLASH support
  • IDE, SD, PCMCIA, CompactFlash, SATA, USB
  • Optimized for multitasking systems

Nucleus USB

  • USB 2.0 (host and function) and hi-speed OTG certified to meet the USB 2.0 specification
  • Comprehensive class driver support
  • Mass Storage, Printer, Still Image, Communication, Video, Audio, and more
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