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Inflexion UI

The Inflexion UI product is no longer available for new customers. Existing Inflexion UI customers please continue to use the web pages contained here. New customers please click here to learn more about our newly available UI solutions for Linux and Nucleus RTOS.

Mentor Embedded™ Inflexion™ UI enables users to implement compelling and visually rich user interfaces (UIs) with significantly reduced effort; allowing users to meet the UI demands of today’s embedded devices. From highly animated and visually rich 3D UIs for Android- or Linux-based consumer devices, to Linux- or RTOS-based industrial controllers, Inflexion UI solves many of today’s more demanding UI implementation problems.

Inflexion UI Modules

Inflexion UI Express

Inflexion UI Express is the PC tool used to implement a UI through a drag-and-drop approach enabling great UIs to be created quickly and easily.

Inflexion UI Runtime

Inflexion UI Runtime runs on the target device executing the UI designs exported from Inflexion UI Express; Inflexion UI Runtime can use its own built-in 2D or 2.5D software rendering or, where available, it can use the device’s OpenGL/ES hardware graphics engine for 2D, 2.5D, or full 3D effects.

Inflexion UI Datasheet
PDF, 882kb

Architecture Support

Inflexion is agnostic to processor architecture, and has been proven on all leading embedded architectures, including, ARM, MIPS, Power, SuperH, and Intel 32 Architecture. Learn more

In addition, Inflexion can make full use of OpenGL ES graphics accelerators and has been proven on all leading GPU architectures, including: Imagination Power VR, ARM Mali, Vivante GCxxx, Qualcomm Adreneo. For more information for support on specific devices please contact us

Inflexion UI Benefits

Solve the Implementation Problem

Inflexion is designed to solve the implementation problem of today’s design-driven user interfaces, allowing you to implement the visually rich, stunning UIs which both your design team and your customers demand of your products.

Create UIs that Standout from the Crowd

Inflexion means that you are free to create UIs which make your product stand out.

Rapidly Redesign

Inflexion is designed to make it easy for you to redesign your UI to match different markets, segments or even products.

Create Highly Differentiated Products and Reduce Time to Market

With the powerful Inflexion UI Express PC tool it is quick and easy to create highly differentiated devices and offer customers visually appealing & intuitive user interfaces.

By maintaining a clear separation between an application’s presentation from its functionality, Inflexion UI enables the application engineering task and the UI implementation task to be carried out independently. This means that the application engineers can focus on making the product work while those implementing the UI have the freedom to develop the best possible user experience.

This approach is essential to save your time and money, and enabling you to bring your devices sooner to market.

Save Time

It allows you to do this in a fraction of the time which you would otherwise need, and allows you to concentrate on creating great UIs and applications without having to code UI effects, transitions and animations.

Get the Best out of Your Available Hardware

Whether your hardware is a low-end device or an advanced applications processor with hardware graphics acceleration, Inflexion scales to help you get the best UI your hardware can offer. This is particularly the case for devices with hardware graphics acceleration which, without the right software solution, is underused and does not benefit the product.

Bridge the Design and Implementation Gap

All too often there is a conflict between the UI design requirements of the product and the time, skills and resource availability to implement the UI. Product designers want to be able to create the perfect user experience; they want a UI which is modern, intuitive, responsive, and is better than the competition! This places a problem on the software team whose job it is to implement these UI designs within the time, skills and resources available. This implementation problem is made harder with touch screens and increasing UI requirements (e.g. the need for animations and stunning visual effects).

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