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Inflexion UI Runtime

Small, Efficient but Powerful UI Engine

Inflexion UI Runtime, the on-device portion of the Inflexion UI system, comprises the core Inflexion UI engine along with a variety of tools and modules. The engine is a small, highly efficient, embedded run-time library that consumes designs exported from Inflexion UI Express; controlling the look, feel, functionality, and flow of the target application.

Advanced UI Effects

Out-of-the-box support for 3D animation effects (spinning, flipping, tilting, and twisting), with or without hardware acceleration, is also available, making UI Runtime ideally suited to delivering high-end customer experiences even on low-end hardware.

Portable and Easy to Use

UI Runtime contains a powerful porting layer making it available across a wide range of hardware and software platforms. It comes with out of the box support for Android, Linux and Nucleus.

The Inflexion UI Runtime is delivered as a set of C++ source files that compile into a library. It provides an "Engine Control" API that includes configuration functions, an "Integration Layer" that interfaces the engine to underlying native functionality and a "Porting Layer" reference implementation.

The APIs support the C language thus allowing application developers to interface with Inflexion without requiring the use of C++. Java APIs are supported in the Android port.

See Inflexion UI in Action

This video illustrates an automotive "infotainment system", and shows how Inflexion can be used to transform a product through rich, dynamic UIs.

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