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Inflexion UI Express

Powerful UI Creation

Inflexion UI Express is a PC based tool which allows you to create your UI using a drag and drop approach and without having to write UI code. This means that both simple and sophisticated UIs can be implemented without the need for expensive and often risky software coding. UIs can be quickly tested in the preview window before deploying to the target device. The transition from the UI Express to device software requires only few mouse clicks.

Quick to Modify Your UI

Changes to the UI are essential in product development, however changes to software are expensive and risky. By separating the UI from the application code and by having a powerful toolset, Inflexion makes it possible to completely change the UI without coding and without having to change the application logic.

Features and Benefits

Fantastic UIs made easy. A lightweight and efficient UI engine includes optimized 3D effects with animation capabilities, without additional hardware or software.

Fantastic UIs made easy on embedded systems

Inflexion UI has out of the box support for Android, Linux and Nucleus and can be easily ported to other operating systems

Lightweight and Efficient UI Engine

Designed for embedded devices, scalable from, low-end constrained devices to higher end devices with full hardware graphics acceleration.

3D Animations and Effects

Optimized 3D effects with animation capabilities, without additional hardware or software

UI Express Toolkit

Desktop tool to implement, customize and test UI designs without any dependency on the application software

Rendering services

Exploiting the graphics accelerated hardware or the build in software rendering, zoom and scale images to any size, Alpha-blending, transparency

Industry Standard Support

UI Engine supports various standards, e.g. OpenGL/ES (1.1. and 2.0), to take advantage of available software and hardware acceleration

Rapid Creation, Customization and Testing of UIs

Deliver more compelling, more usable UIs in less time using the drag&drop PC tool

Customize the UI Without Coding

Radically rebrand any part of user interface and even the whole menu system without any software changes

Significant Cost Savings

Less time is needed to develop and customize UIs; Codeless customization capabilities enable differentiation with minimal effort and risk.

Scales to Deliver the Best Possible User Experience

Implement advanced visual effects across a full range of hardware – from low-cost silicon to hardware accelerated application processors

Expertise Alignment

Completely new UIs can be implemented within the tool, independent of the underlying application software.

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