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Mentor Embedded Linux Development Platform

Customized embedded Linux development products with commercial support

Linux Development for Next-Generation Embedded Systems

Yocto Project
Yocto Project

Design your next-generation embedded systems with our Yocto Project 1.3 compatible platform. Harness Mentor Embedded Linux’s open source foundation while also differentiating your system with the flexibility of commercially supported customization. Mitigate technical and commercial risks by leveraging the product lifecycle maintenance and commercial support offerings.

Mentor Embedded Linux is based on the powerful and adaptable bitbake build tool and recipes from The Yocto Project™ enabling you to prepare, from source, the customized Linux-based platform your project requirements demand. A GENIVI compliant Mentor Embedded Linux solution is also available for the development of In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Customize your product without losing support
  • Broad choice of board support packages (BSPs) through leveraging Open Source and community-based BSPs
  • Open source-based and community-backed
  • High-quality tools and integration
  • Reduces cost and project risk
  • Select a Linux kernel version, including legacy kernels
  • Size-optimize filesystems to reduce overall codebase

  • Cross-development toolchain provided by Sourcery CodeBench includes performance optimized libraries
  • Pre-enabled for out-of-box tracing and performance analysis, with Sourcery Analyzer

Comprehensive support

You'll never have to worry about the typical cost of customization: Lack of support. We not only help you build the custom product, we also support it:

  • Expert support helping you to build the application
  • Long-term support so that you can continue developing after the open source community moves on
  • Sustaining engineering to ensure that the products you build can be supported in later years

Available components

Mentor Embedded Linux is tightly integrated with Sourcery CodeBench, a GNU-based complete integrated development environment for embedded C/C++ development on the leading hardware architectures from ARM, ColdFire, MIPS, Power, and other architectures. Fully integrated so you can install, flash and debug in minutes!

Sourcery Analyzer provides a predictable and visual approach to understand the software execution performance. Sourcery Analyzer leverages open source-based LTTng 2.0 and includes prebuilt reports and log files to produce data accurate views and recommendations for performance improvements.

Mentor Embedded Linux Support

Free Downloads

For Broadcom processors

For Freescale processors

For LSI Processors

This is not trial or "timed-out" software, you are free to use it as long as you wish

Linux Professional Services

Mentor Embedded Professional Services provides expert, on-site consulting engagements to help device developers set-up and configure development environments to build Linux-based devices.

Architecture Support

Leading embedded architectures are supported, including:

  • ARM
  • IA32
  • MIPS
  • Power

Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.

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