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Mentor Embedded Linux

Open source, customizable with support

Build next-generation Linux-based products using advanced, development tools and comprehensive customization, backed by top-quality support and maintenance.

Command line build and customization tool

Mentor Embedded Linux offers a set of integrated open source software components built into the easy-to-use System Builder development environment for board-level port, driver and application development. System Builder is a command line build and customization tool used to prepare cross compilers, the glibc C library, pre-configured file system images, and product-specific supporting libraries.

Fully customizable. Industry standard, command line build system for customizing your unique product platform.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable, industry standard, command line build system for customizing your unique product platform
  • Pre-built binaries to avoid tedious hours of waiting to get to work
  • May be rebuilt from source using a preconfigured build system at any time
  • Kernel source preconfigured to hardware
  • Complete hardware specific Linux system, integrated into build system
  • License flagging and binary-to-source matching captured in your software bill-of-materials


  • Reach your product goals quicker and with less risk by relying upon an industry standard software workflow enhanced by Mentor Embedded’s performance, stabilization, and compliance features.
  • Enjoy commercial product support without proprietary vendor lock-in.
  • Ensure repeatable product builds that always produce best-practice open source compliance documents.

Keep Application Developers On-Task and Effective with ADKs

Once you have created your unique product platform it is time to accelerate application development. The first task is to provide application developers with the necessary developer tools and a compatible Integrated Development Environment (IDE). System Builder can produce an Application Developer Kit (ADK) that ensures that application developers don’t have to waste time learning how to build their own compilers or suffer from incompatible tools. The ADK can either be used at the command line (no System Builder training required) or be imported to EDGE to automatically configure the IDE to build projects compatible with your unique product platform.

Used either way this Mentor Embedded Linux System Builder feature will speed application developers by keeping them focused on their value-add contribution to the product.

Fully customizable. Industry standard, command line build system for customizing your unique product platform.

Tools to Drive Open Source License Compliance

The usage of open source technology within embedded system projects can deliver superior results but introduces new license obligations that mandate an organized, repeatable compliance process that is built into every workflow. Mentor Embedded Linux is delivered with all of the necessary tools to automate this compliance process. All that is missing is your organization’s internal policies and procedures. Together with your policies the compliance features delivered by Mentor Embedded Linux’s System Builder component can result in a low-overhead yet effective compliance program that avoids costly oversights.

Mentor Embedded Linux’s System Builder component provides four key features to aid your open source compliance program:

  • Software Bill of Materials (BOM) Creation: fully documents packages, versions, licenses, upstream source, patches and dependencies for both development and production builds.
  • License Auditing: flags Open Source licenses, under your direction, and highlights compliance obligations in adherence with your company’s specified open source compliance policies.
  • Source Package: builds comprehensive device project sources and create source packages tailored to meet licensing disclosure requirements.
  • License Traceability: helps support tracking and verification of matched sources and binaries for redistribution, license compliance, maintenance and end-product customer support.

Complete Host Operating System Support

Developers using OpenEmbedded technology for the first time often suffer from aborted builds due to missing or incompatible host support packages. Mentor Embedded Linux’s System Builder ensures that all required host components are provided in a compatible version for the supported host platforms. This enhancement ensures successful and repeatable builds on supported host platforms.

Built from and Compatible with Industry Standards

System Builder is based upon and compatible with the industry standard OpenEmbedded (OE) project. The OpenEmbedded project, founded in 1999, is focused on providing cross development tools and package metadata that can be used by developers to build Linux distributions for their embedded devices. Unlike other proprietary build systems Mentor Embedded Linux’s System Builder gives you more open source technology options and never locks you into a proprietary workflow.

Mentor Embedded adds value to OpenEmbedded technology by introducing new features such as pre-built binaries, the BOM tool and license tagging. Mentor Embedded also enhances the success of our customers by adding a Mentor Embedded Linux project setup tool that eliminate the tedious configuration steps that can hamstring developers who are new to OpenEmbedded technology. By stabilizing the OpenEmbedded metadata and mirroring sources Mentor Embedded assures customers that their builds will be successful and repeatable for years to come.

Mentor Embedded engineers are also leading contributors to both the OpenEmbedded metadata and the bitbake tool at the core of OpenEmbedded.

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