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Enabling Linux Development on AMD G-Series and R-Series Embedded Processors



With Mentor Embedded Linux, Sourcery CodeBench, and Sourcery Analyzer from Mentor Graphics and an embedded AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) we bring you a comprehensive platform for developing advanced products incorporating sophisticated graphics multi-media and compute capabilities combined with the raw power of an industry standard x86 multicore CPU. 

In this webinar we introduce you to the Mentor Embedded Linux runtime and build infrastructure based on technology from The Yocto Project™ in conjunction with the Sourcery CodeBench IDE, and Sourcery Analyzer and show you how these tools accelerate your development on AMD G-Series and R-series APUs.

What You Will Learn

  • The AMD Embedded Solutions products that are supported with the Mentor tools, and an overview of the capabilities of these devices.
  • How you can obtain an AMD G-Series or R-Series embedded platform enabled with embedded development tools from Mentor Embedded
  • Overview of Mentor Embedded Linux runtime and The Yocto Project™ based build system
  • An overview of Mentor Embedded profiling and analysis tools and how they accelerate your product development on AMD platforms

About the Presenters

Presenter Image Mark Ireton Ph.D.

Mark Ireton Ph.D. is the Sr. Software Product Manager for the AMD Embedded Solutions business unit. Mark has many years of experience in developing real time software solutions and driving solutions for embedded products.

Presenter Image Chris Hallinan

Chris is a technical marketing engineer for the embedded systems division of Mentor Graphics. He has more than 20 years in high tech companies in assignments ranging from engineering and engineering management, marketing, sales and business development. He spent four years as an independent development consultant porting U-Boot and the Linux kenel to custom boards. He is the author of Embedded Linux Primer, now in its 2nd edition. His writing has appeared in magazines including Linux Journal, Telecommunications Magazine, Fiber Optics Magazine and Aviation Digest.

Who Should View

  • Developers who want to leverage the power and ecosystem of X86 processors for embedded application using Linux
  • Anyone developing an embedded application requiring awesome graphics, massive compute, comprehensive multimedia or powerful multicore CPU

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