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Linux Fast Boot: Techniques for Aggressive Boot Time Reduction



Linux has become the de facto standard embedded operating system for a huge variety of devices. A growing number of devices require startup times that can be very challenging to achieve with any operating system. A variety of techniques can be employed to significantly reduce the time it takes to boot a Linux-based embedded system. This webinar will present and discuss techniques and technologies available to configure a rapid-boot Linux system, covering both hardware, software and firmware elements.

What You Will Learn

  • Typical Linux startup behavior: what takes all the time
  • Techniques for measuring boot time
  • Hardware design considerations for fast boot
  • Techniques and technologies for boot time reduction

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About the Presenter

Presenter Image Chris Hallinan

Chris is a technical marketing engineer for the embedded systems division of Mentor Graphics. He has more than 20 years in high tech companies in assignments ranging from engineering and engineering management, marketing, sales and business development. He spent four years as an independent development consultant porting U-Boot and the Linux kenel to custom boards. He is the author of Embedded Linux Primer, now in its 2nd edition. His writing has appeared in magazines including Linux Journal, Telecommunications Magazine, Fiber Optics Magazine and Aviation Digest.

Who Should View

Platform developers who are using or planning to use Linux for an embedded device, and are concerned about fast turn-on times.

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