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Debug and optimize Linux drivers & applications before silicon is available using virtual prototypes and emulators



Learn how before (and after) first silicon is available you can bring up a complete Linux stack and remain in your native embedded software development environment and develop, debug and optimize their complete software stack, on virtual prototypes and emulation platforms.

What You Will Learn

  • How to accelerate SoC platform, firmware and OS bring-up pre-silicon
  • How to quickly assemble, configure and validate implementations by profiling and analyzing cache hits and misses, latencies and power on the same timeline with software
  • Efficient methods for interactive and off-line debug, validating functionality, analyze software and system performance

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Ric Vilbig

Ric Vilbig is a project manager in the Embedded Software Division of Mentor Graphics. In his 7 years at Mentor and 15 years at Embedded Performance prior to acquisition by Mentor, Ric has been focused on development tools for embedded software, and HW/SW co-verification tools.

Who Should View

  • IP and SoC Suppliers
  • Embedded system suppliers and OEMs
  • Developers using emulation systems and virtual prototypes
  • Developers involved with SoC platform, firmware and OS bring-up

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