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Handheld Glucose Meter UI Built with Nucleus integration of TARA Systems Embedded Wizard UI Tool

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This video shows a sample handheld glucose meter user interface designed with TARA Systems Embedded Wizard UI Tool which is now available for use with the Mentor Nucleus product. The hardware in the video is STM32F4 Discovery board with cortex-M4 controller using a QVGA (240x320) sized LCD display.

Mentor has integrated Embedded Wizard with its Nucleus RTOS & CodeSourcery development tools to address the needs of an MCU or MPU based hardware system. Embedded Wizard provides an easy to use embedded GUI design tool with a code generation model optimized for deploying great looking UIs in a very small footprint. The UI development model allows the entire application to be created in a completely platform independent way, allowing you to target multiple hardware targets. Coupling this with the large array of target BSPs supported by Mentor's Nucleus RTOS and tooling we have an end to end UI solution that is perfect fit for lower end memory constrained MCU based devices.

Design Areas: Embedded Software | Products: Nucleus RTOS

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