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Medical Device Utilizing Inflexion UI Technology

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The medical industry is one of the significant growth markets in today’s embedded space. However, rising healthcare costs and an aging population with more complex health conditions also set new requirements for medical devices. The usability of the devices is essential and a good, easy to use UI helps in achieving adoption of devices by both patient & practitioner.

Inflexion UI technology enables rich, highly usable user interfaces on any type of medical device that has a display. Furthermore, advanced graphical effects, such as smooth fading, scrolling, zooming, spinning and pulsing, can be incorporated easily into any screen template to increase the visual impact of UI and to make it easier to use. Inflexion UI technology enables such templates to be constructed, tested and refined all within a drag and drop desktop tool called Inflexion UI Express, allowing the product software development team to concentrate on the underlying application.

The following demonstration illustrates how Inflexion UI can be used in a medical health monitoring device to present measurements, such as blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), pulse, and temperature of a patient. In addition, the demonstration presents how the medical device can control the defibrillator via the user interface.

The demonstration runs on Nucleus RTOS with the Nucleus LCD driver, touch panel and input management middleware and uses Inflexion UI technology for the user interface. The medical 3D demonstration is also available for Linux-X11 running BeagleBoard.


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