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USB Under the Hood



This session illustrates how the ease of use of USB hides a great deal of complexity "under the hood". The architecture, modes of operation and use case variations of USB are outlined in detail. Some thought is given to the future of USB technology.

The Universal Serial Bus (USB) has become ubiquitous as a means of connecting peripheral devices to PCs. Most peripheral devices are embedded systems, so the developers of these products need to understand how to implement USB.

What You Will Learn

  • How USB works
  • How to select USB software variants
  • Why an off-the-shelf solution is attractive
  • What the future holds for USB

About the Presenters

Presenter Image Colin Walls

A Technical Marketing Manager, Colin has over twenty-five years experience in the electronics industry, largely dedicated to embedded software. A frequent presenter at conferences and seminars and author of numerous technical articles and two books on embedded software, Colin is a member of the marketing team of the Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division, and is based in the UK.

Book: Embedded Software: The Works
Blog: The Colin Walls Blog

Presenter Image Stephen Olsen

Stephen Olsen has over 20 years of embedded software experience. Having spent the past 11 years at Mentor Graphics, Stephen has been involved in consulting, embedded software and intellectual property. He is currently in Mentor Graphics’ Embedded Systems Division as an Operating Systems Architect. During his tenure at Mentor, he co-chaired the VSIA’s Hardware dependent Software (HdS) design working group. He has also authored several papers on system design including "How to choose a CPU for your SoC design." Stephen holds a BS in Physics from Humboldt State University in California.

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