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Nucleus Innovate Program Provides Free Software for Qualifying Companies

As a small innovative company developing an embedded system or device you can qualify for free access to the proven, stable, and optimized Nucleus RTOS deployed on over 3 billion embedded devices. Qualifying companies are provided with:

Who is Eligible?

Companies with revenues of less than $1mil USD are eligible. All products developed and deployed while revenues are less than $1mil continue to ship royalty free. To participate in the Nucleus Innovate program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete and submit a Qualification Form
  • Certify that your company revenues are less than $1mil USD
  • Submit Annual Manufacture Report regarding your product(s) developed in the program, including but not limited to product name(s), product part number SKUs, and number of your products manufactured.
  • Learn more about the Terms and Conditions associated with the software license(s) for this program

What Do Eligible Companies Get?

The Nucleus Innovate Program provides free source code development licenses and royalty free shipment of products deployed while revenue is less than $1 Million. Through this program you benefit from:

  • Free 1-year development licenses for Nucleus source code
  • Free perpetual distribution licenses for all products deployed under the program
  • Free 1-year development license for the Sourcery CodeBench tools
  • Access to Nucleus Community page for community support
  • Ability to re-qualify after 1-year

What Hardware Can Be Used?

The Nucleus Innovate Program is provided by Mentor Embedded in partnership with Semiconductor vendors. BSPs for hardware hardware from the following semiconductor providers are available through this program:

Let us know if there is other hardware you would like to use as part of this program by e-mailing us:

Contact Us

Apply for the Program now if you think you qualify.

If you do not think you qualify for this program send an e-mail to discuss your needs:

Semiconductor providers interested can email to learn about adding their HW to the Program:

Participating Innovators

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