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Nucleus® SmartFit

Take full advantage of the powerful connectivity options of the latest 32-bit MCUs with a pre-configured and cost effective RTOS solution that provides an ideal path to transition from bare metal development. Mentor Embedded Nucleus SmartFit is a comprehensive and configurable RTOS and IDE solution for MCU devices, which:

  • Provides a full-featured binary version of Nucleus RTOS, optimized for size to fit in the internal memory of an MCU
  • Accelerates your application development with integrated Sourcery CodeBench IDE
  • Includes plug-n-play with configurable middleware and pre-packaged BSPs
  • Supports a broad range of industry leading MCUs

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Supported configurations for Freescale KinetisTWRK70F120M

BSP Package Options Standard BSP Power Management Advanced Power Management
Kernel + Serial
Kernel + Serial + SPI + I2C

Power Management: The Nucleus Power Management Framework provides intuitive APIs for application control of the power state for each peripheral device and to manage CPU idle times to optimize power utilization for maximum battery life.

Advanced Power Management: In additional to the features provided in Power Management, Advanced Power Management provides intuitive APIs for application control of the System State which optimizes the power mode for all the devices for user defined use-cases. Additionally, application control of CPU clock frequencies is provided through intuitive APIs to facilitate Operating Point Transitions to optimize power utilization by operating at the most efficient clock frequency based on the system state.

Learn More About Nucleus SmartFit

Modern advanced MCUs provide impressive processing power and complexity in small inexpensive packages. One of the fundamental aspects of these devices is that the majority of designs use only on-chip peripherals. This creates a very specific hardware environment where the SoC support is equivalent to the board itself.

Nucleus SmartFit closes the critical gap for SoC application developers who require an RTOS environment, and need to start MCU development without writing device drivers. By providing pre-built object images that cover the complete range of required features, Nucleus SmartFit helps developers choose the right configuration, balancing the resources required for their design.

Full Middleware and Device Support

Protocol stacks, such as IPv4 / IPv6 networking, wireless 802.11, USB host, USB device, and OTG, are included in the configuration options of Nucleus SmartFit. FAT and SAFE file systems for onboard RAM, Flash, and USB-attached devices are also supported. These features can be selected based on peripherals present in the SoC, as well as memory resources available in a particular device.

Turnkey Configuration

Developers can link application code with a set of pre-built Nucleus RTOS object images provided with Nucleus SmartFit. Using the Eclipse based Sourcery CodeBench development environment, engineers can create a fully functional executable image with no code development below the application layer.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Toolchain

Nucleus SmartFit includes Sourcery CodeBench, covering every aspect of embedded development. It integrates a GNU-based compiler and debugger, with optional JTAG support, all within an Eclipse-based IDE.

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