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Nucleus SMP

Nucleus SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) is an evolution of Nucleus RTOS for multicore platforms. Nucleus SMP has the same characteristics which made Nucleus RTOS the world’s most deployed real-time operating system.

SMP Details

Deterministic, real-time performance

SMPNucleus SMP was design to scale application performance based on a deterministic and preemptive multicore scheduler.

Backward compatibility with Nucleus RTOS

Existing Nucleus middleware and application code seamlessly migrates to multicore environments with Nucleus SMP.

Affinity features

BCD, soft, and interrupt affinity gives the developer control over how and where threads and interrupt handling are processed to improve caching performance, distribute workloads, and support legacy code.

Minimal footprint

The Nucleus SMP library including support for threads, communication, synchronization, and interrupt handling is about 50KB of code.

Multi-core protocol stack

The execution of the networking protocol stack can take advantage of available resources across CPUs.

ARM Cortex support

Support for the ARM Cortex family of processors.

Delivered as source code

Full access and control with minimal image size based on functionality used.

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