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User Interface Development with Nucleus RTOS

Create compelling, interactive user interfaces with Nucleus for mobile devices and embedded applications such as medical, white goods, automotive and consumer electronics. Make use of the open source Nucleus Add-on for the Qt® framework to deliver cross-platform UIs based on the Qt Project or take advantage the benefits of Embedded Wizard for Nucleus from our UI solutions partner TARA Systems for resource constrained target platforms, such as MCUs.


Embedded Target Footprint Management

Maintain a small footprint of your application by using a footprint management wizard that allows you to easily configure which UI library modules are included in the target image.

System Level Trace and Analysis Visualization

Deliver responsive user interfaces with library trace points and analysis agents that enable you to calculate UI frame rate updates. Identify potential bottlenecks, such as interrupts, and thread swapping that can impact the responsiveness of your system with a complete graphical system view of time-correlated events in the Nucleus kernel, middleware and device drivers.

UI Simulation via QEMU

Speed up your development with PC host-based simulation of UI designs via QEMU with host hardware graphics acceleration. UI developers increase productivity by iterating in parallel with other development team members bringing up the target hardware.

Integrated Development Tools

The Nucleus Add-on for the Qt framework is fully integrated with the IDE provided with Nucleus, making the overall UI development workflow significantly more streamlined and manageable.

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