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Mentor Embedded Linux and Sourcery CodeBench Tools for AMD G-Series and R-Series Processors

Linux Development for Next-Generation Embedded Systems

Mentor Embedded and AMD have joined forces to announce several software enablement products for the AMD Embedded G-Series and R-Series families of processors: Mentor Embedded Linux and Sourcery CodeBench IDE tools. To complement the offer, free versions of the Mentor Embedded Linux-Lite and Sourcery CodeBench Lite are available for customers to download. The combination of AMD’s breadth of embedded processors and Mentor Embedded’s software solutions will enable developers to build robust and powerful applications in industries such as digital gaming, industrial control & automation, retail Point-of-Sale (POS), networking equipment and storage.

Mentor Embedded Linux Lite

Mentor Embedded Linux Lite (MEL Lite) is a free, unsupported version of Mentor Embedded Linux preconfigured for select AMD embedded targets. While MEL is a complete commercial embedded Linux offering, MEL Lite includes:

  • Pre-built binary images
  • Linux Kernel and Board Support Package
  • Yocto Project-based build system
  • Sourcery CodeBench Lite for AMD
  • Select User Space packages

MEL Lite is based on technology from the Yocto Project and therefore provides a solid reference design from which to build your custom solution. Users who desire commercial support and state of the art development and analysis tools will appreciate the uncomplicated upgrade to the commercial version of Mentor Embedded Linux.

MEL lite is not a time based trial and developers are free to use it as long as they wish. MEL lite is available as a no-cost download with no support. Customers requiring support will need to upgrade from MEL Lite to our full featured and fully supported commercial MEL offering.

Mentor Embedded Linux

The commercial edition of Mentor Embedded Linux (MEL) is based on the powerful and adaptable bitbake build tool and technology from the Yocto Project™, which enables you to build, from source, the customized Linux-based platform your project requirements demand. Harness Mentor Embedded Linux’s open source foundation while also differentiating your system with the flexibility of commercially supported customization. Mitigate technical and commercial risks for your AMD based projects by leveraging the power of MEL and wide range of commercial support offerings.

In addition to the capabilities of MEL Lite, the commercial edition of Mentor Embedded Linux (MEL) includes:

  • Multimedia stack (GStreamer)
  • Full real-time preemption (RT_PREEMPT)
  • Advanced debugging and profiling - Oprofile, Perf, KGDB
  • UI development via the Qt® 5 framework
  • Integration with Sourcery CodeBench Professional Edition for AMD
  • Performance analysis, visualization and debug with Sourcery Analyzer
  • Customization services
  • Commercial terms and technical support

Sourcery CodeBench Lite

Sourcery CodeBench Lite is a free, unsupported version of Sourcery CodeBench, available for the AMD G-Series and R-Series processors. While Sourcery CodeBench is an IDE_based complete development environment for embedded C/C++, Sourcery CodeBench Lite is command-line based, and includes:

  • GNU C and C++ compilers
  • GNU assembler and linker
  • C and C++ runtime libraries
  • GNU debugger

No paid support is available for Sourcery CodeBench Lite. If you require support, please upgrade to a supported (paid) version. View public discussion forums for users of Sourcery CodeBench Lite.

Sourcery CodeBench

Mentor Embedded Linux is tightly integrated with Sourcery CodeBench, a GNU-based complete integrated development environment for embedded C/C++ development for the powerful AMD G-Series and R-Series processors. Fully integrated so you can install, flash and debug in minutes! The growing complexity of embedded systems requires greater insight into system execution and performance and new approaches to debugging applications. Use Sourcery CodeBench and integrated Sourcery Analyzer to quickly identify and fix functional and performance issues in your complex embedded system.

In addition to the capabilities of Sourcery CodeBench Lite, the Professional Edition of Sourcery CodeBench for AMD includes:

  • Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • JTAG probe debug support
  • Performance analysis, visualization and debug with Sourcery Analyzer
  • Technical support and regular product updates
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