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Qualcomm Brew MP

Sourcery CodeBench for the Brew Platform

Sourcery CodeBench is the preferred GNU solution for professional Brew C and C++ developers. Sourcery CodeBench is a complete integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse and the GNU toolchain, and includes:

  • Eclipse IDE, CDT, GNU C and C++ compilers
  • GNU Make, GDB, GNU binary utilities
  • Works with Qualcomm's Brew Eclipse plug-ins

Qualcomm has validated the Brew MP SDK with Sourcery CodeBench, which means less time setting up your development platform and more time developing applications.

Supports Development on Brew Simulator as well as Brew Handsets

Sourcery CodeBench for the Brew platform is an integrated development environment, which can be used to target both the handset and the Brew simulator (included as part of the Brew MP SDK). In this environment, you can do host-based development and debugging.

Once your application is working in the simulator, you can also use it to build for a Brew handset.

Getting started

Sourcery CodeBench Professional Edition (priced at $2,800 per user) includes unlimited technical support and updates over the life of the subscription. Sourcery CodeBench Personal Edition (specially priced at $99 per user) includes 30 days of installation support.

Register for a free 30-day evaluation of Sourcery CodeBench, and you can be up and running in just a few minutes!

Microsoft™ Visual Studio® Users

If you're using Microsoft Visual Studio — and don't want to switch to an Eclipse-based environment —use our free Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition. Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition is an unsupported product containing only command-line tools. It can be used in conjunction with Visual Studio to build applications for a Brew MP handset.

Support and updates

Sourcery CodeBench Professional and Standard Editions include direct access to Mentor Graphics CodeBench engineering team, which has contributed more than 10,000 changes to the official versions of the GNU toolchain.

Whether you have a question about GNU extensions to C++ , the best optimization options to use for a particular CPU, or how to write inline assembly code, Mentor Embedded can help. Professional Edition customers can also receive update releases to resolve issues when no work-around is available — typically within just a few days.

The Brew Platform

Qualcomm's Brew platform brings smartphone-like capabilities to feature phones, opening up significant revenue opportunities for mobile app developers addressing hundreds of millions of consumers who already have Brew devices. Find out about the latest commercial channel opportunities for Brew apps and obtain the latest Brew MP SDK by visiting the website.

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