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Sourcery CodeBench Support for Fujitsu FM3

Fujitsu FM3Mentor Embedded’s Sourcery CodeBench includes support for the Fujitsu FM3 family, based on the ARM Cortex-M3 core. Sourcery CodeBench for FM3 CPUs includes IDE, compilers, run-time libraries, debuggers, and the specific features described below. FM3 C/C++ example applications are also included.

Which Sourcery CodeBench Should I Buy?

ARM EABI: A complete solution for bare-metal/RTOS development across FM3 and the entire ARM architecture. Includes support for debugging via Mentor Embedded Sourcery Probe, Keil ULINK-ME, Segger J-Link, and other JTAG debuggers.

Peripheral Register Browsing

The Sourcery CodeBench debugger allows you to see the current values of all the peripheral registers on FM3 CPUs, using convenient symbolic names — no hex addresses required! You can expand and contract groups of registers to display just the peripherals of interest to you.

Evaluation Board Support

Sourcery CodeBench’s support for the FM3 family also includes out-of-box support for the following evaluation boards:

  • SK-FM3-100PMC-JLink
  • SK-FM3-64PMC1

Debugging and flash programming is enabled via the Mentor Embedded Sourcery Probes as well as third-party probes.

Support and updates

Sourcery CodeBench Professional and Standard Editions include direct access to Mentor Embedded's engineering team — the same team responsible for contributing over 10,000 changes to the official versions of the GNU Toolchain.

Whether you have a question about GNU extensions to C++, the best optimization options to use for a particular CPU, or how to write inline assembly code, you can count on Mentor Embedded to help. And, if you're a Professional Edition customer, Mentor Embedded will provide an update release to resolve a problem for which no work-around exists — typically within just a few days.

All Sourcery CodeBench customers also receive access to regular semi-annual Sourcery CodeBench updates, as well as any intermediate updates produced for Professional Edition customers. In addition, Mentor Embedded's Knowledge Base provides answers to many frequently asked questions.

Fujitsu Corporation

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe is a major supplier of semiconductor products. The company provides advanced systems solutions to the automotive, digital TV, mobile telephony, networking and industrial markets. Engineers from design centres dedicated to microcontrollers, graphics controllers, mixed-signal, wireless, multimedia ICs, ASIC products and software development, work closely with Fujitsu Semiconductor’s marketing and sales teams throughout EMEA to help satisfy customers' systems development requirements. This solutions approach is supported by a broad range of advanced semiconductor devices, IP, building blocks and software.
For more information about the Fujitsu FM3 family, please click here.

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