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Texas Instruments Stellaris

Sourcery CodeBench for Texas Instruments® Stellaris™

Mentor Embedded has been providing development tools for use with Stellaris CPUs since the launch of the LM3S101 — the first Stellaris CPU containing the world's first Cortex-M3 core. Sourcery CodeBench for Stellaris CPUs includes IDE, compilers, run-time libraries, debuggers, and the Stellaris-specific features described below.

Which version should I buy?

  • Sourcery CodeBench for Stellaris EABI: Everything you need for developing with a Stellaris evaluation kit, including flash programming and debugging. LIMITED TIME ONLY: Buy Stellaris EABI Standard Edition — including unlimited technical support for a year — for just $899, a savings of $700!
  • Sourcery CodeBench for ARM EABI: A complete solution for bare-metal/RTOS development across Stellaris and the entire ARM architecture. Includes support for debugging via Keil ULINK-2, Segger J-Link, and other JTAG debuggers.

StellarisWare integration

Sourcery CodeBench for Stellaris includes StellarisWare, TI's library of code for the wide variety of peripherals (CAN, Ethernet, UART, and many more) available on Stellaris devices.

Peripheral register browsing

The Sourcery CodeBench debugger lets you see current values of all peripheral registers on Stellaris CPUs in convenient symbolic names — no hex addresses required! Expand and contract groups of registers to display just the peripherals of interest.
Debug over USB

The Sourcery CodeBench Stellaris evaluation kit comes with an on-board USB connection that Sourcery CodeBench can use for debugging and flash programming. No probe to buy!

Support and updates

Sourcery CodeBench Professional and Standard Editions include direct access to Mentor Graphics CodeBench engineering team, which has contributed more than 10,000 changes to the official versions of the GNU toolchain.

Professional Edition customers can also receive update releases to resolve issues when no work-around is available — typically within just a few days.

All Sourcery CodeBench customers receive access to regular Sourcery CodeBench updates, as well as any intermediate updates produced for Professional Edition customers.

TI Developer Network

Mentor Embedded is a member of the TI Developer Network, a community of respected, well-established companies offering products and services based on TI analog and digital technology. The Network provides a broad range of end-equipment solutions, embedded software, engineering services and development tools that help customers accelerate innovation to make the world smarter, healthier, safer, greener and more fun.

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