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Sourcery CodeBench

Sourcery CodeBench™ gives you all the tools you need to build and debug embedded applications. Sourcery CodeBench is a complete C/C++ development environment that’s reliable, flexible and takes just minutes to install.

HPC Libraries

Mentor Embedded HPC library products and services ensure blindingly fast application speeds from your embedded processor hardware.

Inflexion UI

Mentor Embedded™ Inflexion™ UI enables users to implement compelling and visually rich user interfaces (UIs) with significantly reduced effort, allowing users to meet the UI demands of today’s embedded devices.

Mentor Embedded Hypervisor

Mentor Embedded Hypervisor is designed and built for intelligent connected devices used in today’s digital world. Mentor Embedded Hypervisor includes ARM TrustZone to secure critical information and software.

Mentor Embedded Linux

Mentor Embedded™ Linux brings a new approach that fully empowers developers to create their own unique product platform with powerful tools that maximize developer productivity, all backed by commercial support.


Nucleus OS is an efficient real-time operating system (RTOS) with storage and database management, USB, networking and connectivity, multimedia technology and advanced graphical user interface capabilities.

Nucleus ReadyStart

The Mentor Embedded™ ReadyStart™ platform brings together integrated software IP, tools, and services into a single, "ready-to-use" solution ideal for applications where a small footprint, deterministic performance, and small code size are essential.

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