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Sourcery Analyzer

Quickly identify and address performance bottlenecks

Sourcery™ Analyzer is a powerful embedded design analysis solution that combines unique profiling and analysis engine with data visualization capabilities. Unlock new insights and efficiently design today's complex embedded systems that integrate data from multiple operating systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Visualize and debug hard to uncover bugs with dynamic system analysis views
  • Built-in analysis of LTTng 0.x and 2.0 Linux kernel trace events
  • Extensive trace analysis support for optimizing GStreamer-based applications
  • Trace analysis and profiling for QT based applications
  • Perform advanced computation via built-in Measurement tool and Waveform Calculator
  • Debug synthesized data in a time correlated view
  • Collect trace data from multiple sources and formats, including LTTng’s standard CTF format, GENIVI DLT (Diagnostic Log and Trace) format
  • Efficiently handle multi-gigabyte datasets
  • Develop custom Java-based application specific analysis agent plug-ins
  • Professional training program available for deployment and customization
  • Support for Mentor Embedded Linux, other Linux, Nucleus, other RTOS, and bare metal.

“We leveraged the capabilities of Mentor Embedded’s Sourcery Analyzer and Sourcery CodeBench tools to bring our advanced lightRadio™ eNodeB high-capacity application portfolio into market more quickly and efficiently.”

Pascal Bourrier, R&D NodeB/eNodeB Software Platform Senior Manager Alcatel-Lucent

Technology Options

Sourcery Analyzer is available in the following Mentor Embedded technologies:

  • Software insight and performance analysis capabilities are included with the Professional Edition of Sourcery CodeBench
  • For Nucleus RTOS users, Sourcery Analyzer enables trace visualization and real-time kernel and application tracking capability. In addition, the Nucleus Add-on for the Qt framework also includes out of box analysis agents focused on the analysis of specific common and complex GUI problems.
  • For sophisticated users, the complete extended analysis toolset includes Java-based custom analysis agents, Measurement Tool and Waveform Calculator utilities are available as a separate option
  • Sourcery CodeBench Professional includes a subset of the full Sourcery Analyzer product. Developers wishing to utilize the measurement tool and calculator or to create custom analysis agents should purchase the full Sourcery Analyzer add-on to Sourcery CodeBench.

Feature Sourcery CodeBench Professional Sourcery CodeBench Professional with the full Sourcery Analyzer add-on
Analysis Agent Library
15 different agents that automate data collection, analysis, and visualization of kernel and application software on Linux platforms
Data Sources
  • Linux trace data: Linux Trace Toolkit (LTTng) kernel and userspace events
  • RTOS trace data: Import from text file (CSV)
  • All other trace data: Import from text file (CSV)
Software Correlation
  • Symbol translation Source code lookup
Measure and Combine
  • Explore the data to reach new observations using these precise measurement and data manipulation tools. Measurement tool Calculator
Extend the Analysis Agent Library with customized agents that can automate data processing, interpretation, analysis, and visualization.

More About Sourcery Analyzer


Gain insight and identify performance bottlenecks in complex embedded systems, with Sourcery Analyzer. Use open source Linux Trace Toolkit (LTTng) to capture data and perform kernel and user-space tracing.

Measurement & Waveform Calculator tools

Perform advanced functional and mathematical transformations of your data with the built-in tools. Gain an order of magnitude efficiency over manual methods by using power and automatic measurements and calculations.

Analysis Agents

Access a library of powerful Analysis Agents to automatically generate pre-processed views of common performance analysis routines. Analysis agents are available for CPU state, software thread state, CPU utilization, IRQ rate and more.

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