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Sourcery CodeBench

Develop embedded software for complex multicore heterogeneous architectures

Feature Lite Edition Personal Edition Standard Edition Professional Edition
C/C++ Development Environment for Bare Metal and Embedded Linux Systems
Command-line tools
Eclipse IDE-based with project management and customization
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Powerful source code editing and formatting  
Support for bare-metal and GNU/Linux target OSes within single installation      
Debugging and Analysis Tools
Visual debugging tools
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JTAG Probe Debug Support  
Flash programming and peripheral register display  
Board Support Libraries (CS3)  
Custom Board Support with Board Builder  
Linux Prelinker  
Library Optimizer  
QEMU-based simulator & Virtual Prototype      
Integrated with Ashling Vitra-XD high-speed run-time control debug probe      
Sourcery Analyzer
Analysis agent library      
Linux Kernel and application trace data import      
Import trace events from any source Read blog post      
Correlate trace event to source code      
Measurement toolSourcery Analyzer Measurement Tool and Calculator       Available
CalculatorSourcery Analyzer Measurement Tool and Calculator       Available
Custom agent API       Available
CSLIB Small Footprint High Performance Library  
Debuggable runtime libraries    
Optimized runtime libraries    
Support and Updates
Response Time      One business day One business day - priority
Duration   30 days*  1 year  1 year
Installation support  
Knowledgebase access  
Product updates  
Can be installed on two computers**    
Custom Patches for reported defects      
Free custom/early access releases      
Long-term support contract option       Available
Floating license option       Available

Target Platform

Sourcery CodeBench is available for EABI/ELF, GNU/Linux, IA32 and other platforms.
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