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Sourcery CodeBench

Develop embedded software for complex multicore heterogeneous architectures

Fall 2013 (2013.11) Spring 2014
New Sourcery CodeBench Features
  • Professional Edition users can now create both bare-metal and Linux applications utilizing the same installation of Sourcery CodeBench.
  • GCC 4.8.1 features a new general optimization level, -Og, for fast compilation and a superior debugging experience while providing a reasonable level of runtime performance.
  • Sourcery CodeBench IDE support for Subversion revision control system
  • Enhanced GDB console support. Breakpoints, watchpoints or tracepoints set from the GDB console are now shown in the Breakpoints view. All breakpoint related GDB commands are supported and synchronized with the UI.
  • Memory and variables modified from the GDB console are now updated in the Memory, Memory Browser, Variables and Expressions views.
  • Extended compile caching to Windows hosts
  • Windows 8 host support, including extended compile caching for faster compile times
  • The Sourcery CodeBench Debug Sprite now supports CMSIS- DAP devices, such as Keil ULINK2 loaded with firmware version 2.00 or newer.
  • Support for homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore debug in both SMP and AMP configurations
  • Support for Abatron BDI3000 JTAG Probe
    • Multicore SMP and AMP debug
    • Hardware-based cross triggering
    • Extended register awareness and IDE integration
    • Semihosting support
    • Integrated flash programming and additional flash chips
  • One-click kernel module debug
  • Productivity & Usability improvements
    • Support for developing kernel modules from the IDE
    • Support for Autotools projects from the IDE
    • One-click debugging for Linux kernel modules
  • Trace analysis improvements
    • Gstreamer Agents for extensive trace analysis for video applications: Latency, Pipelining, QoS
    • Reduced target configuration requirements for trace analysis
    • More than doubled the number of trace analysis agents
New Sourcery Analyzer Features
  • Support for import of the DLT (Diagnostic Logging and Trace) file format, enabling users of GENIVI-compliant Linux to analyze infotainment application trace data
  • Reduced dependencies for installing on a Linux target system makes it easier to get started with Sourcery Analyzer
  • Collect data from remote systems using the standalone data collection script generation tool
  • Extended documentation and improved code template generation for creation of custom analysis agents
New Hardware Support
  • Access to a Vista Virtual Prototype of a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9, running Mentor Embedded Linux
  • New board definition for the Altera Cyclone V SoC Development Kit
  • TI OMAP5432 EVM and Cortex-A15 support.
  • Support for the Freescale i.MX6Q device and the SABRE Lite development board including peripheral register browsing.
  • Expanded support for TI Tiva TM3C123 and TM4C129 devices.
  • Peripheral register browsing information for STMicroelectronics STM324F40x, STM32F41x, STM32F427x, and STM32F437x devices.
  • Kinetis K20 devices (TWR-K20D72M)
  • STM32F42xxx
  • STM32F43xxx
Open Source Components
GNU Programming Tools
GNU Compiler Collection 4.8.1 4.8.3
GNU Binary Utilities 2.23.52 2.24.51
Sourcery CodeBench IDE
Eclipse IDE 3.8.1 3.8.1
C/C++ Development Tools 8.2 8.2
Debugger and Simulators
GNU Debugger 7.6.50 7.7.50
QEMU Emulator 1.5.50
Target Libraries
GNU C Library 2.18 2.18
Linux Kernel Headers 3.11 3.13
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