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Sourcery CodeBench

Develop embedded software for complex multicore heterogeneous architectures

Sourcery™ CodeBench goes beyond just the compiler to provide developers with powerful open source, embedded C/C++ development tools to build, debug, analyze and optimize embedded software in complex heterogeneous architectures including ARM, IA32, MIPS and Power Architectures.

Sourcery CodeBench delivers a powerful toolset that helps embedded software engineers to efficiently develop and optimize software for a variety of targets and various domains including Automotive, Connectivity, Graphics, and Video applications.

Sourcery CodeBench Delivers Advanced Software Insight for Embedded Development

With Sourcery CodeBench you can develop embedded systems on microcontrollers and microprocessors for bare metal and Linux based applications. The growing complexity of embedded systems requires greater insight into system execution and performance and new approaches to debugging applications. Use Sourcery CodeBench and integrated Sourcery Analyzer to quickly identify and fix functional and performance issues in your complex embedded system.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • Eclipse based IDE enabling workspace customization and project management
  • Enhanced source code editor with syntax highlighting
  • Visual debugging with memory, register and disassembly views
  • JTAG probe debug support and easy setup via debug configuration choices
  • Code analysis, formatting and refactoring capabilities
  • Custom board support through Board Builder, a tool for automatically generating linker scripts, debug configuration files, and start-up code based on a board’s memory map

Performance Optimized GNU Compiler (GCC)

  • Improve build performance with compile caching
  • Enhanced compilers for improved optimization and reliability
  • Inline assembly support
  • Support for interrupt handling
  • Modifiable linker scripts for advanced code and data placement
  • Reduced application launch time with GNU/Linux prelinker and post processor
  • Reduced memory footprint for GNU/Linux systems by excluding library functions not used by any program.


  • Perform hardware debugging via JTAG/BDM on remote targets running GDB server for GNU/Linux
  • Debug hypervisors, hypervisor guests, SMP Linux kernel, AMP Linux kernel, Linux kernel modules, and applications
  • Debug using hardware breakpoint, backtrace and multiple thread debugging support
  • Get setup quickly with intuitive wizards for new project, board selection, and debug configuration
  • Automatic programming of flash memory and display control registers on select hardware
  • Cross-platform board initialization and interrupt handling on bare metal platforms, including ARM EABI, MIPS ELF, Power EABI, and Stellaris EABI

Advanced software insight and analysis

  • Gain valuable insight into your embedded system’s behavior and performance with Sourcery Analyzer technology (included)
  • Identify and correct functional, timing, and performance bottlenecks
  • Execute Linux kernel and user-space trace capture and analysis through supported Linux Trace Toolkit (LTTng) trace markers
  • Non-intrusively monitor instruction execution and data access with integration with Ashling Vitra-XD Trace Probe
  • Capture data for long term and at full speed on multiple platforms with built-in large capacity trace buffer and high speed interfaces
  • Analyze and Optimize Video applications with GSTREAMER instrumented Agents
  • Analyze and Optimize Graphic applications with QT instrumented Agents

Performance-optimized Libraries

  • Embedded GNU C Library (EGLIBC) and compatible small-footprint uClibc library
  • Optimized run-time libraries for select targets including performance-enhanced, VFP-optimized libraries for ARM processors with hardware floating-point functionality
  • High-performance, small-footprint library (CSLIBC) for bare-metal targets
  • Ability to redirect read and writes to host system with CSLIBC
  • Debuggable run-time libraries
  • Find a run-time library for your platform

Simulators and Additional Utilities

  • Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 Vista™ Virtual Platform included with Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition
  • QEMU instruction set simulators for select platforms
  • QEMU simulator for executing applications compiled for select non-x86 GNU/Linux platforms on x86 GNU/Linux hosts
  • Sysroot Utilities to simplify use of Sourcery CodeBench’s libraries and dynamic linker when running applications on a target system with an existing GNU/Linux installation

Pre-Silicon Software Development

  • Expand traditional software debug and gain control and visibility into the state of the hardware or model
  • Cross-trigger the software debugger from a hardware event
  • Trace execution history without instrumenting the code
  • Correlate power consumption and cache utilization to software execution

Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition

Sourcery CodeBench Virtual Edition provides software developers software debug in hardware context, added visibility, and non-intrusive trace for HW/SW Performance and Power Analysis that is not possible with real hardware. The Virtual Edition contains all the capabilities of Sourcery CodeBench Professional Edition enabled with the Vista Virtual Prototyping following key features.

  • Early Software Hardware co-debug on Virtual platforms
  • Software development on Virtual Platforms
  • HW/SW Performance and Power Analysis on Virtual Platforms
  • Virtual Prototyping Kits (VPKs) for industry standard platforms

Support and Updates

  • User Community to interact and discuss design and development questions with peers and Sourcery CodeBench engineers
  • Technical support from open source experts
  • Comprehensive documentation including detailed getting started guides
  • Professional Edition customers are entitled to hot-fix releases to solve critical defects
  • Submit product feedback or support requests directly via the IDE

Professional Services

We offer professional services for CPU, silicon and OS vendors, including comprehensive customization and support for embedded hardware and software, including:

  • Toolchain porting and optimization
  • IDE support for software development kits (SDKs)
  • Optimized performance libraries
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • JTAG probes for devices

Development Kits

In addition to comprehensive support for hundreds of ARM, Power, X86, and other architecture devices Sourcery CodeBench has specialized integration for these select device families:

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