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Sourcery CodeBench

Develop with greater insight into your bare-metal and Linux-based embedded systems


  • Access to updates
  • Access to knowledgebase
  • Technical support (30 days for Personal Edition, unlimited for Standard & Professional Editions. Compare editions)
  • Can be installed on two computers (Standard and Professional Editions only)
  • Priority defect correction (Professional Edition only)
  • Long-term support option (Professional Edition only)
  • Floating license option available (Professional Edition only)


  • CS3 Startup Code & Linker Scripts
  • CodeBench C Library
  • Eclipse IDE (Juno)
  • GNU Binary Utilities (
  • GNU C & C++ Compilers (4.8.3-prerelease-sg++)
  • GNU Debugger (7.7.50-cvs-sg++)
  • QEMU Simulator (1.5.50-sg++)

Run-Time Libraries

Find the recommended libraries for your device or core.

603 - 32-bit
603 - No Graphics, 32-bit
603 - Soft-Float, 32-bit
e500mc - 32-bit
e500mc - Soft-Float, 32-bit
e500v1 - 32-bit
e500v1 - Soft-Float, 32-bit
e500v2 - 32-bit
e500v2 - Little-Endian, 32-bit
e500v2 - Soft-Float, 32-bit
e600 (Altivec) - 32-bit

Available for these host operating systems

  • IA32 GNU/Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, SuSE Enterprise Linux 10, Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu 8.04, and Debian 5, or later versions of these GNU/Linux distributions running on 32-bit or 64-bit Intel or AMD CPUs.
  • IA32 Windows: Microsoft Windows XP (SP1), Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (or later) systems running on 32-bit or 64-bit Intel or AMD CPUs. Cygwin is not required. However, Sourcery CodeBench can be used from Cygwin and can resolve Cygwin filenames, including symbolic links.

Sourcery CodeBench is a 32-bit application, but runs on 64-bit host systems with 32-bit host libraries. These libraries must be installed before you install and run Sourcery CodeBench. Consult your operating system documentation for more information about obtaining these libraries.

Sourcery CodeBenchProfessional$3,000per user

  • Develop applications for bare-metal and GNU/Linux within single installation
  • Trace-based performance analysis
  • QEMU-based simulator

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Sourcery CodeBenchStandard$1,000per user

  • Debuggable run-time libraries
  • Optimized run-time libraries
  • Support (one business day)

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Sourcery CodeBenchPersonal$399per user

  • Command line tools and Eclipse Based IDE
  • Small footprint high performance library (CSLIB)
  • 30 days support

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