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Sourcery CodeBench

Develop embedded software for complex multicore heterogeneous architectures

Sourcery CodeBench supported probes vary between platforms and releases. The table below provides a summary. Contact Mentor with any questions or to request support for something you don't see listed.

ARM EABI ARM GNU/Linux Stellaris EABI Kinetis EABI Power EABI Power GNU/Linux MIPS ELF MIPS GNU/Linux ColdFire ELF
Sourcery Probe
Segger J-Link
Kinetis P&E (on board)
Stellaris USB (on board)
Xilinx Platform Cable USB
Macraigor OCDRemote (various JTAG/BDM)
MDI (various devices)
NetLogic XLP USB (on board)
Command Converter Server (CodeWarrior USB or Ethernet TAP)
P&E probe and P&E compatible JTAG over USB
OSBDM Device
TBLCF Device
GDB-capable Probe*

* If your probe supports the GDB protocol, then you can likely setup the connection to it via Sourcery CodeBench External Embedded Server debug interface. Examples of GDB-capable probes we support include RealView ICE and Abatron devices.

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