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When designing the FlexStor platform, it was essential that the new operating system meet two critical criteria: low memory consumption and high performance. The Nucleus RTOS with its minimal lines of code and highly deterministic behavior was the ideal OS.

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For many of our customers, FlexStor serves at the heart of a company’s data center. To have an OS like Nucleus run such a complex set of middleware and effectively drive these tape-loaded devices is very unique.”

Franz Bucher, Chief Software Engineer, BDT AG

When Trust and Reliability are Paramount

While tough, rigorous design standards are built into the FlexStor platform, it’s third-party OEMs who ultimately stamp their name on the outside of the FlexStor product. Because of this arrange¬ment, trust and reliability are extremely important to the BDT brand name. So when the company needed an operating system of this caliber, it was easy to select Mentor’s Nucleus RTOS.

Nucleus Steps up to the Challenge

Because BDT was going to use an existing 32-bit processor and a similar application for FlexStor product line, it was critical that Nucleus step in and perform at a higher level without adding to its footprint size. With minimal lines of code and highly deterministic behavior, Nucleus was able to achieve what the company needed.

The Perfect Fit

Not only was BDT impressed with Nucleus size and performance, the company was also pleased to discover the many Nucleus middleware offerings (USB, Networking, Storage & Database), which fit perfectly into the FlexStor platform.

BDT AG FlexStor Platform

A tape storage automation device using BDT’s FlexStor platform.

The FlexStor platform is a testament to the robustness of Nucleus.”

Franz Bucher, Chief Software Engineer, BDT AG

About BDT AG

BDT AG, headquartered in Rottweil, Germany, is one of the largest independent suppliers of advanced tape storage automation and paper handling technologies in the world. The company develops, designs, and manufactures tape autoloaders, tape libraries, and paper handling input and output devices for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), vendors, and distributors. BDT’s 160 patents are clear evidence to the company’s innovation and leadership in this market sector.

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